Batting, Wyman Wishes You a Happy New Year!


Happy holidays from all of us at Batting, Wyman. With another year behind us, we wanted to extend our gratitude. It has been a privilege serving you in 2022 as one of Calgary’s top criminal lawyers. Moreover, we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2023. The holidays represent a time for renewal: leaving one year behind and stepping into a new one provides an opportunity for betterment. And as your criminal lawyers in Calgary, we want to encourage that improvement.

Our practice is dedicated to Criminal Code prosecution defence. As such, we represent clients charged with all forms of Criminal Code offences, with an emphasis on sexual and domestic assault prosecutions. Here are a few tips if you’ve been accused of such allegations this holiday season.

1. Exercise your right to silence

Regardless of whether you committed the crime or not, it is imperative that you not provide your version of events to the authorities. The right to silence is a constitutional requirement here in Canada and there is no obligation for you to tell the police what has transpired. There are numerous reasons for this. Firstly, the police have often already heard the accuser’s version of events. As such, because the accused has no idea what has been said, it’s best not to corroborate aspects of their rendition and to remain silent. Further, speaking with police is stressful and the clients’ summation will sometimes not convey their version as clearly as liked. This becomes problematic if the matter proceeds to trial and the story told to police at all differs from the trial testimony. If this happens, the credibility of the client is damaged and it can greatly affect the result. The most prudent thing to do when dealing with police is exercising your right to say nothing at all.

2. Speak With Experienced Defence Counsel

Whether the allegations are minor or severe, it’s prudent to obtain a criminal lawyer as soon as you can. There are many criminal lawyers in the city of Calgary. It’s important that you locate one that focuses only on criminal defence. At times you will come across lawyers that practice in a variety of practice areas. Given the intricacies of criminal law, it’s advised that you speak with someone who focuses on criminal prosecutions. Charges are stressful. Knowing that the person representing you has meaningful experience in this arena will provide you with confidence that the charge is being dealt with properly. We recommend that you do your research, scrutinize websites, and meet with multiple lawyers. Such a strategy will ensure that you find the proper fit for counsel going forward. It will also help to manage these stressful times knowing that experienced counsel is on your side.

Happy Holidays From Batting, Wyman

At Batting, Wyman, we are here for your legal needs. We appreciate your trust in us to represent you in your most vulnerable legal standing. For this reason, we thank you: happy holidays and happy new year from all of us at the Batting, Wyman team.