Mr. D and his wife came to our office after he had been charged with Fraud over $5000. The two of them owned a restaurant and had branched off to operate a lounge at a sports facility here in town. During their time operating at this lounge it was alleged that the client used the company account for non-work related purchases. It was further alleged that the client falsified invoices to cover up his actions. The sum of the alleged Fraud was close to $50,000. The client and his wife denied the allegations and asserted that the sports facility was shadily managed and unprofitable for years. It was their belief that it was one of the shareholders who in fact was responsible for the thefts. The matter was set down for a 2-week Judge and Jury trial. After representing the client for more than 2 years and spending countless hours on this file Mr. N. is now able to say that he has no criminal record.