Our client was employed as the head chef at a highly successful Calgary Restaurant. While on his way home from work, he was stopped by officers for speeding. When they came to his window, they detected the odor of alcohol and the client had difficulty communicating. Mr. B. was then placed under arrest for impaired operation of a motor vehicle and taken to the local detachment. After being given an opportunity to speak with a lawyer he refused to take the breath test. M. B. was a past client who had previously been charged with Impaired driving. We successfully dealt with his first set of charges so he thus had no criminal record. With respect to this matter, it was a strong Crown case. As such, Mr. Wyman was able to procure enrollment for Mr. B. at a comprehensive rehabilitative treatment program. After completing the program, Mr. Wyman was able to negotiate a curative discharge whereby the client completed court ordered counseling and received no criminal record.