Mr. D. retained our office after being charged with armed robbery. It was alleged that our client entered a Calgary restaurant brandishing a hand gun while masked. The perpetrator pistol whipped an employee and made off with approximately $10,000 in cash. Our client was a former employee of the restaurant who had been terminated earlier in the month. One of the witnesses indicated that our client matched the description of the assailant. When police conducted an interview with our client, Mr. D. provided the authorities with a convoluted alibi. When the officers checked into this alibi it proved to be a fabrication. Charges ensued and our client faced a 4-year prison sentence if convicted. Recognizing that the case hinged on identification the matter was set down for trial. Crown counsel sought to resolve the file by way of lesser sentences but the client was advised he had a strong case. After turning down prior Crown offers which the client was willing to entertain all charges were eventually withdrawn.