Mr. B. retained our office when he was charged with sexual assault. The file was unusual as Mr. B. and the complainant were “friends with benefits” who had arranged to get together for a sexual encounter the day prior. When this ultimately fell through, Mr. B. came to the residence the following day as the complainant was sick. While she was asleep in her bedroom, Mr. B. made the unfortunate decision to perform oral sex upon her. To make matters worse, her young child came into the room and viewed the incident. When arrested, Mr. B. gave a full confession and advised officers that he knew she was asleep at the time. As no triable issues existed, plea negotiations resulted where the Crown re-elected to the less serious version of the offence. While the crown was seeking a lengthy jail sentence for a first-time offender, we were able to persuade the trial judge to spare our client any custodial sentence. A truly fantastic result for such a serious crime.