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Batting, Wyman Barristers are Calgary’s choice for high-end criminal representation. We provide experienced criminal defence counsel in cases throughout Western Canada.

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Our lawyers attend court everyday to defend clients charged with a variety of offences. Our goal is to deliver the best possible outcome for the individuals that we represent. This can be accomplished by way of a carefully negotiated plea agreement or through an acquittal after trial. While each case differs immensely, our end goal remains the same, deliver for the client.

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Batting, Wyman Barristers was founded upon providing exceptional representation to those charged with Criminal Code offences. Our mantra is that there are no unwinnable cases and we pride ourselves in the reputation we’ve built amongst the judiciary as well as our peers. We employ a client focused approach to ensure that the individuals we represent are alive to the ongoing developments of their case and are involved in the trial strategy going forward.

We also have taken the unusual step of limiting the number of files we take on at any given time. Such a practice allows us to be perpetually available to our clients in order to answer questions that may arise during the course of a file.

While our firm’s values are of paramount importance, it’s in the courtroom that our abilities are most on display. We provide unparalleled trial counsel versed in the conduct of serious prosecutions. While the stakes are undoubtedly high, our clients receive the peace of mind in knowing that their case is in the most capable of hands.

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“Mr. James Wyman,

Over the last six years you have been involved with my former foster child, “J”, as he has struggled with various aspects of the legal system. I feel it is important to acknowledge my sincere gratitude and admiration regarding your qualities of professionalism, advocacy and, most important, compassion. I know that “J” has never felt judged or shameful in your presence, he knows he is accepted for who he is and the potential of who he can yet be. But it speaks to your commitment and understanding of marginalized adolescents in our society and how we must accommodate disparities they have in their ability to negotiate the world. “J” may continue to struggle with life and the justice system; however, he will have seen a kind, decent professional reach out his hand and show him that those in the legal system can be among the best people he will ever know. Thank you so much for all you have done.



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The majority of our clients have never been charged with a criminal offence. There is uncertainty with what will transpire and questions surrounding their jeopardy. In recognition of this, our office provides a free 30-minute consultation. In this consultation, individuals will sit down with one of our lawyers to discuss their case. During this meeting we will explain the nature of the charges as well as the process going forward.

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