What Our Clients Say About Us

"I commend Mr. Wyman on his professionalism, experience and knowledge"

I retained James O. Wyman as my legal counsel during a very stressful, unexpected and difficult time.

Being a professional it was imperative to avoid a criminal record as it would affect my ability to maintain my professional license, my job, future travel and volunteer work with my child. I needed to ensure I had the best in legal representation, which is what I received with James.

Mr. Wyman came to my aid at a moment’s notice and took control of a situation I was not prepared for. Every detail of the legal process was thoroughly explained, his strategy outlined and with each conversation I was confident that we would have a positive outcome. Mr. Wyman has the ability to foresee what the prosecution will bring forward and was proactive in his strong defence.

I commend Mr. Wyman on his professionalism, experience and knowledge. Mr. Wyman’s success in the courtroom allowed me to move forward without a criminal record and I am extremely relieved.

I am very thankful to have had James Wyman on my side, he was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his expertise to anyone requiring legal representation!


"I owe it all to your efforts"

There are so many positive things to say that a card will not show. My main reason for writing is to say thank you for the work you have done. You’ve helped me so much through these very scary and confusing times. I am back to where I need to be and owe it all to your efforts.


"Thank you so much for all you have done"

“Mr. James Wyman,

Over the last six years you have been involved with my former foster child, “J”, as he has struggled with various aspects of the legal system. I feel it is important to acknowledge my sincere gratitude and admiration regarding your qualities of professionalism, advocacy and, most important, compassion. I know that “J” has never felt judged or shameful in your presence, he knows he is accepted for who he is and the potential of who he can yet be. But it speaks to your commitment and understanding of marginalized adolescents in our society and how we must accommodate disparities they have in their ability to negotiate the world. “J” may continue to struggle with life and the justice system; however, he will have seen a kind, decent professional reach out his hand and show him that those in the legal system can be among the best people he will ever know. Thank you so much for all you have done.



"We are very happy with the results"

My sincere thanks to you and Sue. My case would not have been done so quickly without your help. We are very happy with the results and you made a very critical difference for my family’s future. If I know anyone who needs representation, I will definitely refer them to you. Thanks again for displaying the experience and skill to get the best possible results.


"His confidence put me at ease"

Mr. Batting treated me very well. He was upfront with everything. His confidence put me at ease. I would recommend Batting, Wyman to anybody who needs a good defence lawyer. Mr. Batting told me that the investigating officer violated my rights to counsel and he was right, and the charges were dismissed.


"Mr. Wyman is a considerate and dedicated lawyer"

From the moment I first contacted Mr. Wyman regarding a driving offence, I felt confident that my case was in the best possible hands. His knowledge and experience were very helpful during a stressful time for me and my family. Mr. Wyman is a considerate and dedicated lawyer. I am grateful that he was able to achieve such a positive outcome for me.


"Highly recommend him to anyone who may looking for an excellent lawyer"

We would like to thank Mr. Wyman for all the time and work he put into our son’s impaired driving file. This was a very stressful, scary time for our son and our family as we had never been through anything like this before. From the very first consultation Mr. Wyman listened and explained everything very well and also answered any questions we had. We will be forever grateful to Mr. Wyman for our positive outcome and highly recommend him to anyone who may looking for an excellent lawyer!


"The crown withdrew all charges prior to court commencing"

Mr. Wyman excels at cutting through the clutter of statements and evidence to not only find the vantage point most beneficial to his client, but to also communicate the elements most critical to the crown counsel. In my case, the crown withdrew all charges prior to court commencing.

Personally, being charged with Impaired Driving and Refusal to provide a breath sample; was an overwhelmingly stressful and tumultuous time in my life. You will find Mr. Wyman, and his Legal Assistant Sue Marshall to be respectful and welcoming, professional and responsive, and you can feel confident putting your trust there.

To ensure the best representation towards a positive outcome for yourself, your family, or your friends, I feel strongly you’ll be making the right choice by obtaining James Wyman as your counsel.


"You were very supportive and confident"

Mr. Wyman, I would like to thank you for the exceptional way you defended me in my jury trial. Through the process you were very supportive and confident, which reassured me. I am very glad to have hired you. Thank you very much.


"I knew that I made the right decision"

I was charged with a DUI. I was graduating from school and starting a new career. I was confused, scared and needed someone to help me understand the charges, implications and my options. I talked with numerous Calgary lawyers to find someone who understood my situation and genuinely cared about representing me. When I met with Mr. Batting I initially felt like he listened and truly understood me and my case. His experience was evident in the way he explained the legal aspects and the strategy to proceed. I chose to hire Mr. Batting because I felt confident in him. Through the entire process, Mr. Batting and his staff were very professional and kept me informed. At my trial, I knew that I made the right decision. Mr. Batting’s experience and skill was evident in his preparations, words, and actions in the courtroom. Mr. Batting was successful in the dismissal of all my charges and the outcome was very positive for me.

I have Mr. Batting to thank for the chance to have a fresh start and would definitely recommend him


"The best lawyers I’ve ever dealt with in Canada"

Mr. James Wyman is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever dealt with in Canada. Mr. Wyman understood exactly my particular issues, my background and dealt with my matter in court in a professional and considerate way. He took time to explain every step, answered all my legal inquiries and exactly delivered what he promised. His ethics, fairness and his support to me during this very stressful time are unmatched.


"I would highly recommend Mr. Batting to anyone finding themselves in an unfortunate circumstance."

Mr. Batting was referred to me through a friend and since meeting Robert I could see his professionalism and his genuine concern of my case. A very positive outcome was achieved in court by his dedication to research familiar cases and his mannerisms in the court room. His assistant Sue was an absolute pleasure to work with, she was also very attentive with my concerns and questions and was the perfect liaison between Robert and I. I would highly recommend Mr. Batting to anyone finding themselves in an unfortunate circumstance.


"I sincerely thank you for all of your help"

Thank you so much Mr. Wyman for the work you did on my impaired driving file. This was a very difficult situation for me and my family. I sincerely thank you for all of your help in having these charges withdrawn. Best wishes.


"I was presented the best way possible"

I was fortunate to find Mr. Batting as my defence, right from our first meeting he meant business. Communication was clear and he explained all details and replied to my questions. I was presented the best way possible.


"Mr. Batting was professional & straight forward"

My decision to use the services of Batting, Wyman was first based on a need to find a good criminal lawyer to help me with a situation with which I was very unfamiliar. Mr. Battings contact info was provided to me by a family lawyer who expressed confidence in Mr. Battings abilities based on his lengthy career & achievements in law.

My first contact and next several discussions with him occurred over the telephone. After my first meeting with Mr. Batting I was very pleased with his demeanor and his professionalism. He took time to hear my situation and was able to explain the reality of the situation and his strategies for dealing with my case. When it came down to the trial date, I found that Mr. Batting was well prepared to deal with the matters at hand and those that arose throughout the proceedings.

In preparing witnesses for my defence Mr. Batting was professional & straight forward. (My Potential witnesses later expressed to me their positive thoughts regarding Mr. Batting’s abilities) My potential witnesses were never called to testify on my behalf because Mr. Batting had done such a good job of proving a reasonable doubt to the courts as to the events that brought me to this place & time.

Mr. Batting was able to anticipate the various courses of action that the crown prosecutor may take and he was able to clearly explain his strategies & the potential outcomes of each to me. Mr. Batting was called upon to cross examine a witness for the crown that I had particular concerns with due to my relationship with & the young age of the witness. To my pleasure & satisfaction Mr. Batting maintained a professional demeanor and demonstrated empathy toward the young witness. Mr. Batting was able to achieve his goal without damaging the sensitive heart & mind of that young person.

I hope I never have the need for such legal representation again but if ever I do, my first call would be to Batting, Wyman.

Thank you