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What is Fraud?

As lawyers, the two most common types of fraud we see can be found under the Canadian Criminal Code in section 380: Fraud under $5000 or Fraud over $5000. Fraud, in simple terms is committed when a person acts dishonestly to deprive the public or any other person. This could…

I’ve been charged with a crime. What do I do next?

For many of us, being charged with a crime is an anxious, one-time event. As lawyers we often see criminal charges laid against innocent citizens whose relationships or sets of circumstances have led to events spiraling out of their control. Making the decision to seek expert legal advice is the…

More than a Simple Assault

How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it – Marcus Aurelius More than a Simple Assault When a weapon is alleged to have been involved in an assault or a complainant suffers a notable injury, different types of assault charges can be laid.  Being…

Charged with Assault – What it Means

It is a sad truth that when the economy hits a downturn and investments don’t offer any returns, that the crime rate goes up1. Stress and anxiety can lead to a poor decision, and that poor decision can result in being charged with a crime, such as Assault. There are…

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