Ms. H. retained our office after she had been charged with assault. C. was an event coordinator with no criminal record that had attended a post work function at a local casino. After over indulging with her colleagues she became quite intoxicated. Such that, she was asked by Casino staff to leave. An altercation ensued she was forcefully carried out by the staff. During the incident, she kicked and scratched the bouncers but also spat in their faces. Ms. H.’s livelihood hinged on successfully dealing with these charges. That said, spitting in an individual’s face is a very serious form of assault which is typically associated with a short jail sentence. Mr. Wyman was able to procure a variety of character references as well as medical records which demonstrated that the client did not have any communicable diseases. As a result, following a letter of apology the casino staff and some needed counselling our client’s charges were dismissed.