Mr. M got in touch with our office when he was contacted by the RCMP regarding a historical sexual assault with a minor. As is standard for our office, we advised him to provide no statement whatsoever.  He followed our advice and said nothing. After receiving the relevant disclosure material from the Crown, he instructed us to speak with the prosecutor vis a vis resolution as he did not want to put the complainant through a trial. Though the Crown originally wanted jail, a creative resolution was reached on account of relevant offence date. As the offence took place prior to Criminal Code amendments that occurred in 2015, it was pointed out that a conditional sentence order was an available sanction. After taking into consideration the considerable counselling our client had conducted, a plea deal was brokered in which the client would avoid a custodial sentence. While the sentencing judge was clearly not thrilled with this very lenient disposition, Mr. M. was able to maintain his freedom.