Mr. Wyman represented Mr. C. in his matter for over 8 years. As a younger man, Mr. C. was convicted of impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death. At the sentencing hearing in 1992 Mr. C. received a penitentiary sentence and a lifetime driving prohibition. After serving more than 10 years of the driving prohibition a client can apply to the Parole Board of Canada to have their driving prohibition cancelled. To satisfy this application it must be established that undue hardship exists and that the public would not be placed in harm’s way through the cancelation of the prohibition. Mr. C. had previously submitted such and application without representation and once through another lawyer. Both applications were unsuccessful. Once retained Mr. Wyman procured assessments from well recognized forensic Psychologists that deemed the client to be low risk to reoffend. Notwithstanding this our application was denied. That said, an oral appeal was granted whereby Mr. Wyman appeared in front of the Parole Board and provided submissions. At this level of proceedings, we were successful. After 25 years without a license our client could get back on the road.