We were retained by Mr. F. after he had been charged with sexual assault against a minor. The charges were historical in nature and the complainant had come forward alleging that she had been molested by Mr. F. on New Year’s Eve several years ago. The client was a father of 2 and insistent that no wrong doing occurred. Given the fact that he had no criminal record and was facing a lengthy penitentiary term if convicted, the stakes were exceptionally high. The file proceeded to a weeklong trial in the Court of Queen’s Bench. During the trial, as is the case in many child sex assault prosecutions, cross-examination of the child witness must be done in a firm yet compassionate manner. Following lengthy cross-examination Mr. Wyman was able to produce numerous inconsistencies from prior statements. He was also to have the complainant admit that her recollection surrounding the event in question was not as reliable as she claimed and that it had been tainted from other incidents in her life. At the conclusion of the trial the client was found not guilty. Mr. F., who recognized the seriousness of the allegations fell to the grounds and cried tears of joy.