Our client was an elementary school teacher who had been charged with impaired driving and failing to provide a breath sample. She had no prior involvement with the criminal justice system. A cold night in October she had been at her boyfriend’s hockey game when she got a flat tire on her way to meet friends. Her boyfriend later arrived and assisted her with changing her tire in subzero temperatures. After the tire had been changed she went through a CPS Check-stop where she admitted to having a drink earlier in the evening. A roadside was requested and she was asked to exit her vehicle for this purpose. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, she was arrested and charged. The matter proceeded to trial on the basis that the client had a reasonable excuse for failing to provide a sample. Prior to trial, Mr. Wyman had procured medical evidence demonstrating that the client suffers from an iron deficiency which leads to a shortness of breath. After hearing the client’s testimony affiliated with this condition the court had no difficulty acquitting.