Mr. H was a landlord here in Calgary. One of the tenants he rented to ran a trucking company. When the lease was up the tenant signed on for another year. Shortly thereafter, the tenant changed their mind and left without notice. When Mr. H. went to the home it had been extensively damaged. Such that H. and his family had to put tens of thousands of dollars to bring it up to code. Furthermore, the tenants continued to not honor the lease agreement. Sometime thereafter, a check arrived for the former tenants. Rather than forward it on, Mr. H. made the unfortunate decision to endorse the check to himself and deposit it into his account. To make matters worse, L. then contacted the former tenants and attempted to use the cheques as leverage to prompt payment. The plan backfired and L. was charged with Fraud over $5000, Forgery and Extortion. L. was a permanent resident and at the outset failed to appreciate the severity of the allegations. That said, his case was a sympathetic one. The sentencing Judge agreed and granted the client an absolute discharge. Given this outcome, the client was able to avoid a conviction on his record.