This client retained our office to deal with an administrative license suspension he had received. The client had driven over to his uncle’s home where the two of them consumed beers while doing renovation work on the garage. Little did they know that another motorist had contacted the RCMP indicating that Mr. T’s vehicle was being driven in an erratic fashion and it was suspected that the driver was impaired. Officers located Mr. T and immediately placed him into handcuffs in the rear of the police vehicle. When a roadside breath sample was requested, Mr. T declined. Overturning the driving prohibition was imperative as he would be unable to work. In the hearing, it was argued that the officer had insufficient information to conclude that it was Mr. T who operated the vehicle. As such, it was argued that the use of handcuffs constituted an arbitrary detention and that he was justified in refusing to provide a sample. Fortunately, the hearing was a success and Mr. T was able to regain his license and continue to provide for his family.