Our client was referred to the office by a prominent Calgary Family Law firm. Mr. H. was a hardworking small business owner who was sharing custody of his young daughter with his ex-wife. On one such stay an argument arose between the two of them over homework. It was alleged that during this disagreement our client struck his daughter in the head. T. had no criminal record but faced an assault against a minor charge. The matter was scheduled for trial in Airdrie Provincial Court where the ultimate defence was pursuant to the Criminal Code provisions that allow for some use of force when disciplining one’s child. That said, as a caring father, one of our client’s main concerns was not traumatizing his daughter by way of the trial process. On the day the trial was scheduled to proceed, and cognizant of his client’s wishes, Mr. Wyman negotiated a resolution whereby the client would not receive a criminal record and the daughter was spared the requirement of testifying against her father. A fantastic outcome for all involved parties.