Are You Being Charged With Sexual Assault in Alberta? Here’s To Do Next


Have you recently been charged with sexual assault? Are you wondering what the best course of action is for you to move forward? This can be a frightening experience, and it must be handled in the proper way. Consequently, a sexual assault charge demands your utmost attentiveness and sound counsel.

But with that being said, Calgary assault defence services are available to you.

At Batting, Wyman, we provide the resources you need to help you if you’ve been charged with sexual assault. So if you find yourself facing such charges, our team of sexual assault lawyers can help.

Keep reading to learn how to handle being charged with sexual assault in Alberta.

Familiarize Yourself With Sexual Assault

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, section 271; sexual assault is a non-consensual application of force with sexual intent. For example, groping, grabbing, kissing, touching, vaginal or anal intercourse, or even speaking in an overtly sexual manner/tone when it is not invited or welcomed is considered sexual assault.

The general rule that categorizes sexual behaviour as sexual assault is the lack of consent from the recipient’s end. Consent must be given. And for clarification purposes, consent cannot be given when someone is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or when they are asleep or unconscious.

It’s crucial to ensure the other party has given consent prior to engaging in any form of sexual conduct. Additionally, it’s also important to know the legal age of consent as well – in Alberta, the consenting age is 16.

Understand the Consequences

A sexual assault conviction brings with it many unfavourable consequences. And due to the wide scope of what is considered to be sexual assault, the punishment could be something as light as probation or as heavy as prolonged jail time.

In certain cases – depending on the severity of the crime – you could face up to 10 years (or more) in prison. And in other cases, being convicted of aggravated sexual assault could result in life behind bars. Moreover, imprisonment may not be the only consequence, getting convicted of sexual assault could possibly result in a civil lawsuit.

Hire the Right Defence Lawyer

In Alberta, there is a lot of shame and stigma associated with the accusation of sexual assault. And these claims have the capacity to negatively impact and tarnish your reputation: you could lose friends, your family may abandon you, you might be let go from your job and finding a new one could prove to be extraordinarily difficult.

Due to these potential consequences, in addition to the likelihood of a conviction, we suggest that you employ the right assault defence services.

You’ll need a team of experienced experts on your side to properly represent you and help you move past this challenging period of your life. At Batting, Wyman our seasoned lawyers are here for you in your time of need.

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