What to expect at an initial consultation with a criminal lawyer?

What to expect during initial criminal case consultation with a lawyer

The vast majority of our clients are professionals and students that have never been involved in the criminal justice system. As such, there is a great deal of uncertainty with respect to meeting with a criminal lawyer. Our office understands the anxiety associated with such a meeting and strives to make the process as informative and comfortable as possible. 

The Process

Our office is conveniently located within a block from the Calgary Courts Center. When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our assistants who will offer coffee and water. It is recommended that you attend the meeting with all documents you believe are relevant to the charges. All meetings are conducted in the privacy of our boardroom. Often, clients are more comfortable attending with their friends and family. This often puts the client more at ease when discussing sensitive matters. During your initial consultation, it’s the practice of our lawyers to go through the client’s personal background, discuss the allegations as well as the applicable law. At the conclusion of the interview, our lawyers will speak to the fees associated with representation. Fortunately, our office has a variety of price points which vary in accordance with our lawyers’ level of experience. In the event that our office takes on your file, we will have you sign a designation of counsel which permits us to attend court on your behalf. 

Our assistant Becca will then send a request to the Crown’s office for the disclosure material associated with your matter. Disclosure consists of the Crown’s case. It varies from file to file but will often include a Prosecutor’s Summary, Police Officer notes and any witness statements. Once the disclosure material is received, it is comprehensively reviewed with a follow-up meeting with the client to follow. At this meeting, case merits are discussed as well as trial strategies. While not all files proceed to trial, the goal of the defence lawyer remains the same, to obtain the single best possible result for the client. Clients of our firm are granted peace of mind in knowing that their lawyer is diligently working towards accomplishing this goal on a daily basis.

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