7 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Calgary

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Calgary

Are you facing legal challenges? Have you been charged with a criminal offence? If so, hiring a criminal lawyer in Calgary can be beneficial. An experienced criminal lawyer could be all that’s standing between you and a criminal record, a significant fine, or even time in prison. Consequently, you must hire the right lawyer to negotiate on your behalf and help improve the odds of a better outcome. Here are 7 crucial questions to ask before you hire a criminal lawyer in Calgary.

1. Do You Have Experience Managing Cases Like Mine?

Your legal defence is your greatest asset regarding criminal charges. As such, you only want to hire a lawyer familiar with your case’s laws and regulations. The right lawyer will have the knowledge and courtroom experience to develop a comprehensive plan for your defence. An important note: There are no guarantees regarding court cases. So if any lawyer claims a definite outcome, you should immediately see this as a red flag.

2. Do You Offer a Free Consultation?

A 5-minute phone call isn’t enough for a criminal lawyer to properly assess your case or to determine if it is a proper fit. So It’s essential to sit down and meet with your prospective lawyer. This enables them to review your case more closely and offer potential ways to proceed. At Batting, Wyman, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to evaluate your case and see how we can be your legal representation.

3. How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Criminal lawyers in Calgary usually provide their clients with multiple fee structures to accommodate their budgets. Some lawyers offer retainer-based fee structures, while others charge by the hour. Find a lawyer who will work with you to create an agreeable payment plan. This will help avoid any confusion later on.

4. How Accessible Are You?

Hiring a criminal lawyer can be stressful, especially when you have what feels like an endless amount of questions and concerns. A credible criminal lawyer in Calgary should quickly be available to address your questions. Moreover, they should be clear about communication expectations from the beginning.

5. How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Case?

Depending on the case, it can take months to even years to resolve your criminal charges. You can’t predict a precise time or date without understanding the details. But once an experienced criminal lawyer becomes familiar with the details related to your case, they’ll be more likely to provide an approximate timeline. A reputable criminal lawyer will try their best to create the quickest possible settlement.

6. Will You Take My Case to Court?

This may surprise you, but some criminal lawyers are plea-bargain specialists; they’d prefer churning out plea after plea instead of going to trial. Those who are innocent will likely be unhappy with a plea bargain because they’ll have to plead guilty. Now, of course, every case is different, and you shouldn’t generalize. But you should know as soon as possible whether or not your criminal lawyer is willing to go to trial.

7. What is Your Number of Conducted Trials and Win Percentage?

If your case goes to court, you’ll need a criminal lawyer in Calgary with the confidence to argue your case on your behalf. Also, your criminal lawyer must be experienced in negotiating plea bargains and know how to prepare for the courtroom. Additionally, knowing their courtroom success rate is also important. A criminal lawyer lacking in courtroom wins doesn’t exactly induce much faith or confidence.

Batting, Wyman: Your Trusted Criminal Lawyers in Calgary

Whether you’re convicted or acquitted, getting charged with or accused of a crime is distressing. If a possibility exists of you going to prison or ending up with a criminal record, hiring a criminal lawyer in Calgary is essential for protecting your future. At Batting, Wyman, we are experienced criminal defence lawyers. We help with legal representation regarding numerous allegations, such as drug offences, sexual assault, and everything in between. So if you’re ready, contact us today to learn more.

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