I’ve been charged with a crime. What do I do next?

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For many of us, being charged with a crime is an anxious, one-time event. As lawyers we often see criminal charges laid against innocent citizens whose relationships or sets of circumstances have led to events spiraling out of their control. Making the decision to seek expert legal advice is the first step in taking back control of the situation.

If you have been contacted by Police or R.C.M.P. in relation to an investigation, you should contact a lawyer before you meet with, or say anything to the authorities. A pro-active approach not only ensures that you are aware of your rights but can also be invaluable in defusing situations that may otherwise result in criminal charges.

If you have been charged with a crime, consulting with an experienced criminal lawyer will do more than give you the facts of ‘what happens next’; they will give you assurances that there are knowledgeable, experienced people who can help you. The fear of the unknown is lessened when you know there are things that you can work towards and experts that can help you get there. At Batting Wyman, we don’t just look at the criminal charges; we look at the person charged, their specific circumstances and factors that led up to the incident in question.

Do I really need a Criminal Lawyer?

If you are asking yourself that question, odds are that you do need one – and in many cases, the sooner, the better. Hiring an experienced Criminal Lawyer can be the best investment you ever make. As an adult, a criminal conviction will follow you wherever you go. It can affect your employment and job prospects, schooling, volunteerism, travel and personal relationships. A criminal lawyer will know the ‘jeopardy’ you face, should you be convicted of an offence. They will know what type of defence would best suit your particular circumstance; they will appear in court with you and for you. They have experience in negotiating resolutions with the crown prosecutor’s office and will run trials in your defence. They will use case law and set precedents for you; even challenging the law when necessary. They can speak to sentences and will expertly and passionately continue to advocate for you.

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