Understanding Domestic Abuse in Calgary

Understanding Domestic Abuse in Calgary

In Calgary, the issue of domestic abuse remains a pressing concern that affects individuals and their families.

Understanding what constitutes domestic abuse is crucial, not only for victims but also for the wider community, to foster a safer and more supportive environment. In cases where legal intervention becomes necessary, seeking the proper legal representation is vital.

This article aims to shed light on what constitutes Domestic Abuse in Calgary and how domestic violence lawyers like Batting, Wyman Barristers can help.

Understanding Domestic Abuse in Calgary

Domestic abuse transcends the simplistic notion of physical violence. It encompasses a range of behaviours that can be physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual. This form of abuse occurs within various types of relationships, including intimate partnerships, between family members, or within any domestic setting.

Physical abuse is often the most visible form, involving any act of violence that causes physical harm. Emotional and psychological abuses, while less visible, are equally damaging, involving behaviors that degrade, isolate, or manipulate the victim. Sexual abuse, involving any non-consensual sexual act or behaviour, is also a prevalent form of domestic abuse.

Common Types of Offences

In Calgary, While many types of offences can be considered Domestic Assault, the most common types lawyers deal with are:

  • Assault (from physical contact to verbal threats. Whether it has caused bodily harm or is considered to be sexual or aggravated)
  • Threats
  • Breaking and entering
  • Extortion
  • Criminal harassment and more.

These can also come in the form of various breaches of conditions, including recognizance, peace bonds, restraining orders or probations.

The Legal Framework in Calgary

Calgary, like many jurisdictions, has laws specifically designed to protect individuals from domestic abuse. These laws not only criminalize acts of physical violence but also take into consideration other forms of abuse.

The involvement of law enforcement and the judicial system is often essential in providing immediate protection to the victims and in holding the abusers accountable.

Investigation of Domestic Violence Charges

A domestic assault investigation starts when an alleged victim or witness reports it to Calgary police services. The police will then request a statement from the complainant before they launch a full investigation.

The Calgary police will then review anything involved on the scene. The police will interview witnesses and collect any evidence. They may also look at surveillance videos and obtain hospital records from the victim.

Calgary has the third largest municipal police force in Canada, so they have the workforce to devote to such investigations. Once they have gathered enough evidence, they will track down to arrest the assailant and charge them with domestic violence. The perpetrator may be questioned on the scene or taken to the Police District Office to decide whether or not they will be charged.

The Role of Domestic Violence and Assault Lawyers

If you are charged with domestic abuse in Calgary, speaking to a domestic assault lawyer as soon as possible is crucial. You could face severe consequences and penalties if convicted. Finding the best legal representation is essential to ensure your most favourable outcome.

While every case is different, our goal at Batting, Wyman Barristers remains the same: ensuring the best possible result for our clients. Book your free 30-minute consultation, give us a call at 403.263.4949.