3 Ways You Can Celebrate International Be Kind to Lawyers Day


International Be Kind to Lawyers Day lands on April 12 of this year. This recognition is all about acknowledging lawyers and showing them the respect that they deserve. Let’s face it, lawyers aren’t always seen as falling on the ethical side of the honesty spectrum. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t highly valuable (and necessary) in today’s world.

For this reason, International Be Kind to Lawyers Day doesn’t just acknowledge Calgary defence lawyers, but rather, it acknowledges lawyers everywhere for their valuable services and diligent hard work.

Let’s express our gratitude and recognize all that lawyers do to help us out of the messy situations we tend to fall into.

The Origin of International Be Kind to Lawyers Day

International Be Kind to Lawyers Day was created back in 2008 by public speaking coach Steve Hughes. Hughes promulgated this day of acknowledgment due to his work with countless lawyers in helping them develop their presentation skills.

It was during this time that Hughes discovered that – generally speaking – people had a very negative connotation associated with his line of work.

Hughes held strong to the belief that lawyers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity – at least one day out of the 365 that are available. As such, he decided the second Tuesday in April would be that one day.

As its name suggests; International Be Kind to Lawyers Day is a worldwide holiday. So one day each year, the whole world has agreed to set aside the negative associations they equate with lawyers and replace them with kindness.

The reason for this is well-founded. After all, many of us have relatives or friends who are lawyers, or perhaps even you have been helped in the court of law with the knowledge and expertise of a lawyer.

Your lawyer has your back and will do everything within their power to help you get out of a compromising situation. For this reason, they deserve our appreciation.

3 Ways You Can Celebrate International Be Kind to Lawyers Day

The appreciation and show of gratitude for lawyers can be expressed in many ways. However, here are a few easy things you can do on this International Be Kind to Lawyers Day to express your thanks for the services they provide.

1. View a Film That’s All About Lawyers

The Whole Truth, Official Secrets, and Liar Liar are all good films to watch this International Be Kind to Lawyers Day. And all of them will make you appreciate the hard work lawyers put into helping their clients. Take the time to view some (or all) of these films to reconnect with the importance of attorneys.

2. Get in Touch

If you still have the contact information of a lawyer who has helped you in the past, give them a ring. Express your gratitude. By reaching out to a lawyer who assisted you through a difficult time and expressing your thanks, you will truly make a difference. Again, lawyers often don’t get much appreciation, so you may be making someone’s day with that simple act of kindness.

3. Refer Others to Them

Have a friend who’s gotten himself into some hot water? Refer them to a lawyer who has helped you in the past. This is possibly the highest form of gratitude and appreciation you can show to your lawyer. Nothing says “you provide high-quality services” than referrals. And what better way to acknowledge your lawyer this International Be Kind to Lawyers Day?

Final Thoughts

Lawyers are important as they help us get through difficult legal situations we wouldn’t be able to handle on our own. As a result, it’s a profession that is both valuable and necessary. Celebrate this International Be Kind to Lawyers Day by expressing your gratitude for these often underappreciated, industrious service people.

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